List Your Rental

Ko Olina Rentals has formed a strategic alliance with Ko Olina Realty and the master developer of the Ko Olina Resort. Ko Olina Rentals is the only authorized agent of Ko Olina Resort and we have made a long-term commitment toward providing professional property management services to owners at Ko Olina. We have offices located in the newly opened sales center at Ko Olina where we are able to meet new owners and answer any questions for them. We also meet new potential tenants everyday and are able to show them our available units at a moments notice.

Our corporate philosophy is to be proactive and not reactive. We also believe in quality and timely servicing. As such, our commitment to our owners is we will return calls or email inquiries in no less than 24 hours, and we will attend to repairs or problems expeditiously. Sense of urgency is a mainstay in our vocabulary.

Ko Olina Rentals offer a variety of plans to choose from. Our fees start at 10% of the base rent collected per month. Our fees do vary based on the services we are asked to provide as well as the length of the rental term (i.e. 30-day, 180-day, etc…). Call us for more details.

Ko Olina Rentals goal is to attract the most qualified applicants for your rental unit. We utilize the following means to help attract tenants.

  • Geographic advantage: We are able to meet any and all potential tenants who come by our sales office. We work very closely with the sales agents in the office and are able to generate many leads for our rentals, including new owners waiting for their units to be completed. We are also able to show our properties at a moments notice.
  • Advertise: We actively advertise on a various Vacation Rentals websites on line. We also place weekly ads in the Honolulu Advertiser and local island-wide publications distributed daily to households as well as all military publications. We do not charge any advertising fees to our owners.
  • Corporate contacts: We have many corporate customers who work at Ko Olina or nearby Kapolei. These include the State of Hawaii, the U.S. government, U.S. military, local banks, contracting firms, refineries, engineering firms, St. Francis West, etc... We also have agreements in place with several relocation and corporate housing companies.

We are the largest property management firm within Ko Olina and have a database of current as well as past information regarding rental rates and fluctuations due to seasonal preferences. We keep our owners up-to-date on market conditions both inside and outside of Ko Olina Resort.

Contact us for rental applications and property management information.
Garrett K. Kojima at (808) 864-7859 or e-mail us at